Regression visualisation

Simply add your details below to receive this complimentary regression visualisation (approx 54 mins long), to get to the root of something that is coming up in your life. It might be a recurring pattern or issue, a trigger, a block, anything that you want to release, that might be rising in your life.

In the visualisation we go into your body where you feel the 'issue', and then back into childhood and a past life to acknowledge and hold it, so that you can move forward with a greater understanding, which can lead to it releasing.

This visualisation is a taster of what is included in the Business Chakras® Alchemy course, which you can see more about here, if you want to go deeper on this journey. 

If things arise that are of concern, please reach out to me or someone you trust. By downloading this visualisation you acknowledge that it is not to be used in place of any medical treatment, it is a supportive tool for personal growth and expansion.

I hope it supports you.

Tara ๐Ÿ’› 

P.S. Please be sure to check your spam and promotions folders for the email with your visualisation in.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Hello๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ, if we haven't met, I'm Tara.

I am an intuitive embodied business mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras.
I support my clients to clear and release blocks to business impact and success through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so they can own their creative power and create wealth on their terms in their businesses and lives.
I am the author of four books including:
Embodied - A self-care guide for sensitive souls
Embodied Business - A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs
Embodied Creation - The sensitive's way to consciously co-create
Embodied Wealth - I AM

Plus my fifth book Embodied Money is coming out in 2024.

I am the creator of
The Embodied Wisdom oracle card deck

 I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live between the UK and Kenya.

You can find out more about my work at
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